Cattle Care

Raising cows can be very rewarding; they are smart and tame animals; plus, they are generous in providing food for their herd. Whether you have experience or not, our team of livestock veterinarians at Healthy Paws will help you make sure that your cows stay happy and strong.

Give Your Cows Company

Don't forget that cows are very social animals; just by keeping them together, you are helping their immune system stay nice and strong. Most people keep them outdoors, but if you choose to keep them indoors, you need to be extra careful and up to date with their checkups to prevent diseases from spreading within the herd.

Everything Plays an Important Role in Their Health

Apart from attending to your cows’ basic needs such as: a balanced diet, proper nutrition, continuous hydration with fresh and clean water, and a peaceful and safe environment, you must make sure that they have their routine medical checkups and their vaccinations. By doing all of this, you will be able to prevent complications and diseases from spreading within the cattle. 

Important note: the size of our patients dictates our ability to handle and examine them. If we are dealing with miniature cows, with the aid of a few cow boys we can lasso, examine and treat them. However, with standard breed cattle, a stanchion  will be required for close examination and treatment.  

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