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Poultry Care

Birds’ anatomy is quite different; for this reason, they need specialized veterinary care administered by a qualified avian vet. This type of veterinarian is trained to treat medical and surgical conditions in pet chickens, such as: lices, mites, chicken worms, poultry coccidiosis, pneumonia and ovarian cancer, among others.

Let’s Keep Your Pet Chickens Nice and Healthy

We will guide you on how to take proper care of baby chicks, growing chicks and adult birds. We will perform periodical physical examinations, lab work and testing; plus, parasite prevention and parasite treatment, among other services.

Older Folks Are Also Cared For

At Healthy Paws, we provide medical care for your old fluffy companions. Adult birds tend to manifest complicated conditions and disabilities, but you are not alone; with our Geriatric Care, we will do our best on keeping your pet happy and with the best possible quality of life.

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