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It is a non-invasive procedure in which abnormal or diseased tissue is destroyed by the application of intense cold in the affected area. This type of non-traumatic surgery is ideal for treating skin conditions since it doesn’t involve cutting, and it minimizes discomfort, due to the fact that intense cold numbs the sensory nerves surrounding the targeted area. In addition, extreme cold kills germs and bacteria, so it is very helpful when treating infected tissue.

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How Is the Procedure Performed?

  • It is very quick, it typically takes about 5 minutes.
  • The most common technique is applying supercooled liquid nitrogen to the affected area.
  • Since most of the body cells are 70% water, when exposed to freezing temperatures, ice crystals form inside the cells and cause them to tear and rupture.
  • Once freezing takes place, the targeted tissue slowly dies and falls away.
  • In moist areas such as the mouth and the anus, the tissue tends to liquefy and turn green, but it can be removed with a gentle bath.
  • To minimize pain, sometimes it can also be performed under sedation with local anesthetic.
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How Effective Is It?

In advanced and severe conditions, the treatment may be performed several times, but in other cases, it can be curative with just a couple of sessions.

This procedure is usually performed to remove small skin tumors, and to treat distichiasis (abnormal growth of eyelashes), skin disorders, precancerous lesions, eyelid tumors, adnexal growths, adenomas, papillomas, granulomas, warts, skin tags and cysts, among others.

Benefits of Performing This Procedure

It is non-invasive and non-traumatic; plus, it is also safe for geriatric and sensitive pets since it doesn’t need to be performed under general anesthesia. It takes a fast recovery, and it is also cost-effective for the owner. Cryotherapy is way less expensive than a traditional surgical procedure.

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