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Bunny Care

It is almost impossible not to fall in love with these fluffy guys, but you must know that they are just as delicate as they are adorable, which is why you should have them checked by a vet at least once a year.  Count on our team of experts at Healthy Paws, they will guide you and they will make sure to keep your bunnies nice and healthy.

Delicate Cuddly Pets

These little ones dedicate a lot of time to their own hygiene, which makes it almost not necessary for you to bathe them; however, it is crucial to take care of those areas that they can’t take care of for themselves, like for example their nails and ears. Have them checked regularly and make sure that everything is clean and covered.

Keeping All Fronts Covered

Bunnies have the tendency to get sick pretty quickly, which is why at Healthy Paws, we pay special attention to every detail regarding their housing, hygine, exercising and nutrition. Keeping their cage clean, providing them with chewable toys, fresh water and a balanced diet is a great way to go; still, all the measures are not covered unless you have them checked by a vet to prevent them from catching parasites or diseases that could diminish their life quality.

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